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We are building bridges to peace in Yemen and beyond, through health, mental health and education.

Who Are We?

We are a team of passionate and committed international development researchers and experts from around the world. We specialize in human rights, medical and psychological health, tele-mental health, and peacebuilding. We are primarily dedicated to rehabilitating and supporting victims of war in Yemen. Bridges to Peace and Solidarity (BPS) is a registered Canadian non-profit organization.

What Do We Do?

Our primary activity at Bridges to Peace and Solidarity is running a tele-mental health and learning network that facilitates the urgent need for health and psychoeducational training, support, and assistance to groups, individuals, and communities experiencing war-related trauma in Yemen, in the MENA region, and beyond. We offer crisis counseling and mental health training, and we build capacity in crisis intervention and community trauma response.

Our Mission

We aim to build sustainable community resilience and to overcome mental health trauma while moving the peace and human rights agenda forward for conflict-affected communities on the ground in Yemen and the MENA region.

We are building bridges of solidarity, peace-building, and capacity-building in Yemen. War has isolated Yemen from the international community, a reality now compounded by the pandemic. By building local education, health, and mental health capacities, rebuilding social resilience, and providing friendship and hope, we help to ensure sustainable peace and development in Yemen.



Educational Videos

Common Sleep Disorders

Psychosis: An Inside and Scientific Perspective

Dr. Kawkab Alwadeai Launching speech for Anxiety Reduction and Promoting Resilience program

In The Media

Khat and Mental Disorders

The Anxiety Reduction & Promoting Resilence program in Taiz schools

YEMEN’S TV channels coverage implementing of an Anxiety Reduction & Promoting Resilience program

Bridges To Peace And Solidarity

We are a passionate and committed group of international development academics, human rights, medical, psychological, peace, mental health and health practitioner experts dedicated to rehabilitating and supporting victims of war in Yemen.

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