Resources for Mental Health Knowledge Transfer

In 2018, with only 40 psychiatrists serving all of Yemen, the mental health suffering of the Yemeni society reached catastrophic levels. Bridges for Peace and Solidarity strives to build networks with other mental health professionals. By bringing awareness to mental health care, the goal is to build connections with others so that we can collaborate, learn and exchange experiences. The transfer of knowledge will enhance the skills and capabilities of Yemenis students and workers in mental health professions.

North-America Lectures

Common Sleep Disorders

Qais Ghanem has worked as a medical practitioner, neurologist, and educator in Ottawa for over twenty years.

This lecture about sleep disorders is given from a physiological and neurological point of view. Different stages of sleep, the role of age in sleep disorders, the role of psychological influences and stress, and the different responses of both males and females are all featured topics. In his lecture, Qais explains the causes of insomnia in women and men and the effects of sleep apnea on the body. Attendees included physicians, along with students specializing in medicine and psychology. Afterward, the attendees share their comments and questions about sleep and its consequences.

Europe Lectures – Bridges between Netherlands and Yemen

Psychosis: An Inside and Scientific Perspective

Part One features a dynamic conversation between psychiatrist Rene Keet (practicing psychiatrist and director at the community mental health service GGZ-Noord-Holland-Noord, The Netherlands), and survivor May-May Meijer (peer expert at the psychiatry department of UMC Utrecht Vrije University Amsterdam), who has received treatment for and has recovered from psychosis and schizophrenia. This portion also includes audience interaction and proves to be a successful approach. Raising awareness about the importance of mental health care is particularly vital for situations of such extreme human rights violations. Throughout the dialogue, Rene Keet integrates the lived experience of May-May Meijer with an explanation of the biological, psychological, and social dimensions of psychosis. We will continue to work with Rene and conduct further lectures to build community mental health awareness in Yemen and beyond.

Bridges To Peace And Solidarity

We are a passionate and committed group of international development academics, human rights, medical, psychological, peace, mental health and health practitioner experts dedicated to rehabilitating and supporting victims of war in Yemen.

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